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Linebet Bet Insurance - How to avoid losses on your bets

27 Oct 2022
Chris Horton 27 Oct 2022
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  • Find out how to avoid losses on your bets at Linebet
  • 100% Bet Insurance is available to all registered players
  • New players can use promo code NEWBONUS to get the biggest available welcome bonus
  • How to Use Linebet Bet Insurance
  • How to Insure a Bet
Linebet Bet Insurance allows you to avoid losing bets at the Linebet sportsbook.

By insuring a bet at you can either reduce your losses or avoid them completely.

This is by using 100% Bet Insurance, a brilliant feature which allows you to take out insurance on your sports bets.

You can choose to insure your bets either in part or in full, and Bet Insurance can be used on singles bets as well as multiples.

If you are unfamiliar with Linebet, it is a global online betting site offering sports betting on over 35,000 events every month.

New players can use the Linebet promo code NEWBONUS when registering to claim up to $130 bonus at the sportsbook – 30% more than the offer advertised on their website.

Linebet Bet Insurance is available on all sports found at the sportsbook, and as soon as you open an account you can use the service.

How to Use Linebet Bet Insurance

Bet Insurance is available on all sports bets. If the bet wins, you receive your winnings as normal. By insuring a bet, you can reduce or eliminate any financial loss should the bet lose.

Here is an example of how you can use Bet Insurance:

If you place a $10 bet at odds of 1.8 and want to insure the full amount of the bet, Linebet will charge you $5 for 100% insurance.

If you decide to insure the bet, $5 will be taken from your account.

If that bet wins, you will receive your winnings in full ($18).

Should the bet loses, you will still get $10 credited to your account because you chose to insure the full amount of the stake!

How to Insure a Bet

Here is a step-by-step guide to insuring your bets at the Linebet sportsbook:

  1. Go to via this link, which takes you straight to their official website.
  2. Log in or register using the NEWBONUS promo code.
  3. Click on 'Sports' and find the sport and market you wish to bet on.
  4. Place a Singles bet or repeat the process to compile an accumulator bet.
  5. Enter the amount of money you want to bet and click to confirm the bet.

Once you have placed the bet, click on 'My Account' and select 'Bet History'.

Find the bet you have just placed and select the ‘Bet insurance’ option. You can then insure the bet!